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Musical evenings at the Russian Embassy

Sergei_BasukinskyOn Friday, 3 October a new season of musical evenings at the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands starts with a piano recital by talented Sergey Basukinsky.

For more info, including tickets, click here.Concert_Oct_2014_NL

We hope to see all the music lovers at our concerts that will be held – as the tradition goes – on the last Friday of every month. Please follow our announcements also at our Facebook page.


Burgum hosts Rhythmic Gymnastics Fryslân Cup in October

Press-release of the organisers

2nd Rhythmic Gymnastics Fryslân Cup in the Netherlands

(18 October 2014, Burgum)

2nd_Rhythmic_Gymnastics_Frysln_CupOn 18 October sports clubs DFS (Burgum) and OBQ (Leeuwarden) are organising the 2nd edition of the Fryslân Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Burgum (15 km to the east of Leeuwarden). The initiative is supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands.

After the successful 1st RG Fryslân Cup-2013 its management team is glad to have more participants from different countries this year. The clubs to take part in the 2nd Fryslân Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics are as follows:

- Sports club NIKA (Moscow, Russia), regularly participates and performs well in a number of domestic and international competitions. On annual basis NIKA arranges international tournaments with more than a dozen of teams from different countries participating;

- Sports School «The Palace of Sports» (Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia), within 15 years has trained a number of high-ranking sportswomen. One of the representatives of the School international referee Mrs. Nadezhda Shchepeleva will judge at the 2nd RG Fryslân Cup;

- Rhythmic Gymnastics School «Riga-96» (Riga, Latvia), for the first time takes part in the Cup;

- «Rythmo-Cats» Club (Luxemburg) as well as some sports clubs from Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands for the second time will participate in the Fryslân Cup. The management team looks forward for a number of female gymnasts from UK and Ukraine to take part in the contest. This year there are more than 80 participants expected to arrive to Burgum.

More information may be provided by the Head of the 2nd Fryslân Cup Mrs. Sjanie Hellema ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

The 2nd Rhythmic Gymnastics Fryslân Cup will be held on 18 October 2014 at Sporthal Westermar (Burg. Both. Lohmanlaan 40, 9251 LB Burgum).

Everybody is very welcome to come – there will be a lot of beauty and grace in the hall!


Exhibition at the Museum of Flat Glass and Enamel Art

3._Szvetlana_Toth._Dilettantes_Voyage._Copper_enamel._40x50cm13._Olga_Erokhova._Spring_decorative_dish_copper_hot_enamel_jewelers_enamelA new enamel exhibition by artists Olga Erokhova (Russia) and Szvetlana Toth (Hungary) opened on 7 September at the Museum of Flat Glass and Enamel Art in Ravenstein.

2._Szvetlana_Toth._Joung_Duke._Copper_enamel._50x37cmThis unique exhibition might be of particular interest for all those interested in artworks created by a combination of modern technologies with a form of fine arts and inspired by national cultural traditions of different countries.12._Olga_Erokhova._Fairy_wood._Copper_hot_enamel_jewelers_enamel_glass_3142_cm

On show till 30 December 2014 – don’t miss it!


Comment of the Information and Press Department of the Russian MFA concerning alleged use of chlorine substance as a chemical weapon in Iraq

Unofficial translation

We are deeply concerned with worrying information about use by guerilla in the regions South to Tikrit in Iraq of chlorine substances as chemical weapons. These events are additional evidences that numerous groupings of terrorists and extremists, operating on the territories of Syria and Iraq have become skilled in using toxic chemicals as means of warfare. In Syria they are doing so as a means of provocation in order to put blame on the government and national military forces. In particularly, this was proved by similar events in Khan al Assal and East Ghuta last year and most probably possibly on the North of Syria in Kafr Zita, Talmenes and Al Tamanah this spring.

We believe that the cases of alleged use of toxic substances at the territories of Syria and Iraq controlled by guerilla are the links of one chain. In this regard we urge the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to conduct the most thorough, unbiased and comprehensive investigation of these incidents not only in Syria, but in Iraq as well, as it was done last year by the group of UN experts led by Mr O.Selstrem. It is imperative as well that the States not to make hasty conclusions on who is guilty of these crimes, being guided solely by political considerations.

16 September 2014



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