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Foundation Dutch - Russian Livestock holds an annual seminar

FDRL-2014-Annual-seminar-1The Foundation Dutch - Russian Livestock (FDRL), which unites more than 20 leading Dutch companies that are active in the cattle/dairy and pig sector on the Russian market, held an Annual Boat Seminar on 5 September 2014. The event was organized in historic and picturesque place – Zaanse Schans.

FDRL-2014-Annual-seminar-3Among the participants of the seminar were FDRL member-companies, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, of the Embassy and the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation, and of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Netherlands. They discussed the situation on the Russian market, challenges and new opportunities for the Dutch businesses in the current political and economic context.

FDRL-2014-Annual-seminar-2The members of the FDRL decided to organize business missions to Ulyanovsk and Saratov regions at the end of September 2014. These regions are of interest to Dutch companies in terms of demand for modern technologies in milk and meat production. The Embassy and the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation confirmed their readiness to support this initiative of the FDRL.


Pim van der Meiden presents his full Dutch translation of "Fregat Pallada" by Ivan Goncharov

FregatPallada1FregatPallada2On 29 August historian and translator Pim van der Meiden, who for a long time worked at the National Archives of the Netherlands, visited the Russian Embassy.

Mr Van der Meiden paid a visit to the Embassy in order to present his complete Dutch translation of "Fregat Pallada" by Ivan Goncharov to Russian Ambassador Roman Kolodkin.

ria-novosti-infographics-ivan-goncharov_s-travels-on-board-the-pallada-2012It is now thanks to Mr Van der Meiden that all Dutch-speakers will be able to get acquainted with this unique work of Russian literature – a series of essays which famous novelist Goncharov wrote during the diplomatic mission of admiral Yevfimy Putyatin from Kronstadt – across the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans – to the shores of Japan.

See also review of the book in Volkskrant newspaper (In Dutch).

The book can be ordered here or here.

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День открытых дверей в школе при Посольстве России

There are no translations available.

28 августа 2014 г. начальная школа при Посольстве России в Нидерландах приглашает родителей, желающих обучать детей в нашей школе, на День открытых дверей. В этот день с 14.30 до 15.30 вы сможете поближе познакомиться с деятельностью школы в разных направлениях, обсудить волнующие вас вопросы с преподавателями и администрацией школы.

Ознакомиться с информацией о начальной школе при Посольстве России в Нидерландах можно на нашем сайте.


Russian Foreign Ministry Statement on the start of the delivery of humanitarian relief aid to southeastern Ukraine (22/08/2014)

The endless delays hampering the initial deliveries of the Russian humanitarian relief aid to southeastern Ukraine have become intolerable.

A lorry convoy with many hundreds of tonnes of humanitarian relief aid, urgently needed by the people in these regions, has been standing idle for a week now on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Over this period, the Russian side has made unprecedented efforts in all areas and at all levels in order to complete the required formalities. We have met all conceivable and inconceivable demands of the Ukrainian side and have submitted to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) exhaustive lists of food, drinking water, medications, essential items and diesel generators due to be delivered to Lugansk, where they are urgently needed by women, children and the elderly.

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